Huwebes, Hunyo 18, 2015

Phoenix Pest Control: 5 Things to Do to Keep Bugs at Bay This Spring

The season of blooming flowers, lush trees, and clear blue skies has finally arrived in Arizona. But while it’s the best time to get out, take a stroll by the park, and melt those winter blues, critters such as ants, spiders, scorpions, termites and a lot more may already be moving into your home. You can find them in your bed or inside your house structure, or they might surprise you from out of the blue. Worst, they may sting, and you’re probably aware that some can be really dangerous. Follow these tips from a Phoenix pest control specialist to keep these unwelcome visitors out: # 1 Block bug entryways Bugs tend to sneak through even the narrowest slits. Repair worn weather-stripping and torn window screens; opt for fine mesh screenings as replacement. Add tight-fitting thresholds on your exterior doors, and fill in cracks in you fascia boards, foundation, and exterior walls using caulks or other types of sealants.

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