Martes, Hulyo 28, 2015

Just How Common Are Bed Bugs? Alarming Pest Statistics to be Aware Of

Bed bugs are among the most common pests in homes, be it Phoenix or beyond. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released some worrisome statistics about these creepy crawlies, from the results of the 2015 Bugs without Borders Survey. It seems that the insects are quite at home in the modern environment as 99.6 percent of all professional pest exterminators have dealt with them in the past year. The number hasn’t changed from 2013, but is significantly higher than 15, 10, or 5 years ago. Another consistent point are the top places where bed bugs are found, which are motels/hotels (75 percent), single-family homes (93 percent), and condominiums/apartments (95 percent). In addition, the bugs are also found in high numbers in places such as public transportation, nursing homes, schools, offices, college dormitories, and even hospitals.

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