Huwebes, Hulyo 23, 2015

Pest Control Pros on the Troubling Reality behind Cockroach Bites

There are things in this world more dreadful than a cockroach on your dinner table. Among these is a cockroach biting you in your sleep. As omnivores, cockroaches feed on both plants and meat. They rarely feed on live meat, though, because they are scavengers. This means they are more enticed to take a pinch off parts made of dead skin cells such as eyelashes and brows, callouses, and finger/toenails. What Do They Eat? Cockroaches are naturally afraid of humans, which is why they feed only at night and find refuge in dark, narrow crevices. And even if winged roaches fly towards you, it’s simply their panicky reaction to the air currents, vibrations, and “scary” actions humans make. You’re more likely to be a part of their menu while you’re asleep and they can freely feast on your dead skin cells and on whatever leftover crumbs you may have on your lips or fingers.

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